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I enjoy teaching, take it very seriously, and received a teaching award from the University of Newcastle Faculty of Science and IT. I am on the Educational Advisory Committee for the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, and I served on the national ACARA Advisory Panel for the Australian Senior Secondary Mathematics Curriculum.


I have taught classes from primary school level to postgraduate coursework level varying in size from 5 to over 500. The delivery style has included workshops, tutorials, lectures, electronic delivery, multi-campus video-conference, and multimedia presentations.

At UOW the benchmark for student evaluations is the average of the first 8 questions on a standard questionnaire. My most recent evaluations have both had averages of 5.8 out of 6.


I was a driving force in the development of the Bachelor of Medical Mathematics at UOW. It is particularly popular with females, who now constitute 33% of the UOW maths/stats cohort. I initiated and coordinated the development of a new major in the Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance in Quantitative and Computational Trading. This involved extensive consultation with industry partners Tibra Capital who are world leaders in computational trading. Tibra Capital now provides over $110,000 per year in scholarships and prizes at UOW.

I developed and implemented a suite of mathematics content subjects for prospective primary school teachers. My efforts in this area are global and include teaching into the Vermont Mathematics Initiative. I received an individual mention in the Go8 Review of Education in Mathematics, Data Science and Quantitative Disciplines in 2009 for my work in this area.


2009-2010 DEEWR: AMSI (Ramagge a module writing team member), $2,000,000
The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools project
2008–2011 ALTC: Porter et al (Ramagge a Unit Leader), LE8-783, $220,000
Building leadership capacity for the development and sharing of mathematics learning resources across disciplines and universities


Jacqui Ramagge

School of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Sydney,
NSW 2006, Australia.

T: (+61 2) 9351 4533
M: 0407 065 911






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