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Research is a central and critical component of my academic career. I have focused on research across mathematical boundaries, bringing insight and innovation to core areas of interest. For example, I used a combination of algebra, geometry and functional analysis to progress the Baum-Connes conjecture and I have worked with electrical engineers.My two major projects are: the structure of totally disconnected, locally compact groups; and the classification of equilibrium states on C-algebras. I have given plenary talks at international conferences and regularly earn external competitive research funding. Given a choice, I work as part of a team.


In my mathematical papers, authors are listed alphabetically.
A full list of my publications appears in my CV.


In my mathematical papers, authors are listed alphabetically.

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2015–2017 Willis and Ramagge, DP150100060, $443,000
Scale-Multiplicative Semigroups and Geometry
2013–2015 Ramagge and Raeburn, DP130100490, $390,000
States and structure of operator algebras from self-similar actions
2010–2013 Ramagge, Raeburn, and Laca, DP1096001, $420,000
Structure and states of operator-algebraic dynamical systems
2009–2014 Willis and Ramagge, DP0984342, $376,868
Totally disconnected groups in algebra and geometry
2005–2007 Willis and Ramagge, DP0556017, $234,000
Geometric representation of small-rank totally disconnected groups
2003–2005 Raeburn, Ramagge, Laca, and Larsen, LX0348081, $50,600
Hecke Algebras in Algebra and Analysis
2002–2004 Willis and Ramagge, DP0208137, $185,000
Totally disconnected groups and their algebras


Jacqui Ramagge

School of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Sydney,
NSW 2006, Australia.

T: (+61 2) 9351 4533
M: 0407 065 911







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