Chelsea Lowe

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Botanical Beach

I am a photographer, artist, and documentary filmmaker from Victoria, B.C., Canada, and am currently living in Glasgow, Scotland.

My 2011 documentary Skeletons In The Closet, is about the unlikely community building heros in the Halloween haunting community, and the true heart of the spooky holiday.

I spent the last 5 years living and raising a family in Wollongong, Australia. Prior to that I spent six years working at the beautiful campus of Royal Roads University as a Media Technician. You can see some of the videos I created for them in the Videography section, as well as some photo media in the photography galleries.

I have also had the pleasure of creating media for the Merrigong Theatre Company, the Graphic Designers of Canada, the University of Victoria, and Stantec Consulting.

I studied mulitmedia and documentary production at Capilano College in Vancouver. This included all aspects of video production, television studio operations, communications, audio production and design, graphic and web design, image manipulation, B&W and color photography, and script writing.

I have also studied traditional design, drawing and painting techniques at the Victoria College of Art.

A collector by nature, I use my cameras to collect the intangible;
snapshots of life and moments in time, emotions and qualities of light.


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